2009 3Gun Championship
Written by Curt   
Wednesday, 04 March 2009

2009 Championship Application


2009 3Gun Championship Match

Staff Match

SATURDAY September 19th

Shooting begins at 9:00am. Meet at the Learning Center


Championship Match

SUNDAY September 20th

Leave All Firearms - UNLOADED AND BAGGED in Vehicles.

Until you sign in at the Learning Center

starts after 7:00 am

Shooter's meeting at 8:45 am

Shooting begins at 9:00 am

The total round count for the match is a Minimum of 177 rounds - if you don't miss

Here are the individual maximum targets available for each gun

I would bring more ammo, I may add more things

Rifle - 112 rounds

Pistol - 147 rounds

Shotgun Birdshot - 65 rounds

.50 Caliber - 6 Rounds (provided)

Suppressed / Sub-sonic - 15 Rounds (provided)

We have 8 Stages, including the Jungle Run. 5 Stages will be blind.

Problem solving and thinking in real time will be a big part of this match

Please Review our Match and your Division Rules

Especially Legal Holsters and Magazine capacities

Lunch Menu

We are going to have

Baked Chicken, Pork Tenderloin, Red Skin Potato's, Green Beans and Corn, Roll's and Desserts

All Troopers' will be given MRE's and a Bayonet (not really)

I will begin setting up Wednesday September 16th

If anyone has time to help out, please let me know

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Thank You



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